Fingerprint (a song) 2007

I photographed your fingerprint
and hung it on the wall.
I turned my eyes to idolize the glory of it all.
But I can’t recreate you from the gifts that you gave.
Be thou my vision, for you, alone, can save.

I searched for something I could see
For something tangible to hold,
amidst the wind of spirit
Something stable and controlled.
I tried to walk by sight.
I tried to formulate a phrase
to pin you down securely,
Not to lose you in the haze

I need you. There’s nothing without you.
Your presence is my only light.
I need you. I’m nothing without you.
Your shadows do not satisfy

It’s you
when it all comes falling down.
You are my vision.
It’s you.
Alone you are my God
You are my vision.

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